Thursday, June 21, 2012

Secret Model: Jenna, Courtney, Lauren, Kenny, and More

secret model ellis
Another month and another pretty face? As the old adage goes, keep it simple stupid (KISS)  and we did just that this month! Secret Entourage has been fortunate to have some of the most gorgeous women grace our website. For this month’s Secret Model feature, we simply decided to go back and bring you more of the girls you loved including previously unreleased photos and behind the scene footage to tantalize your tastes even more. Make sure to enjoy this special model feature as it is unlikely to ever happen again.
secret model jenna balsley
secret model jenna balsley
Your favorite girl Jenna is back in these two unreleased pics of her latest shoot.
secret model courtney walker
secret model courtney
Courtney Walker is back showcasing her “assets”
secret model kenny
Kenny Baby is back with this pic which was way too hot to show before…
secret model lauren waugh
secret model lauren waugh
Lauren Waugh, the Playmate that you all keep asking more of. I think she is named Addison Miller now?
secret model ellis
Yummy Ellis in a lingerie set never before seen…
We hope you enjoyed this look back at some of your favorites in never before seen pics and we’ll catch you next month with a brand new Secret Model.
Thanks to Pepper Perfect Photography and Ronnie Renaldi Photography for these epic shoots…

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