Thursday, June 21, 2012

Scoop: Peugeot Mule-Testing 308's Replacement, which will Likely be Named 301

Peugeot usually designs beautiful cars. The mid-1980's 309 wasn’t one of them, perhaps because it was originally meant to replace the Chrysler/Simca/Talbot Horizon – until Peugeot axed the Talbot brand, and thus the 309 was born.
Almost no one really missed it when it was replaced in 1993 by the much more coherent 306 (though the 309 continued to be built in India until the late 1990s).

And the reason why we're telling you all this is because the 308's replacement, a test mule of which is featured in these scoops, will most likely be named 301, a moniker last used in the 1930s, to avoid any connection with the unloved 309.

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