Monday, June 25, 2012

Polish Video Awesomeness: BMW E30 Gymkhana Style

Polish Video Awesomeness: BMW E30 Gymkhana Style

Ken Block's Gymkhana? Sure, it's cool and all but for those of you that want to see something different and out of the PR-ordinary [...] for a change and one that does not include a Ford Fiesta for the umpteenth time, some chaps over from Poland have readied a pretty interesting video that you may want to watch. For starters, it's more like a short film and an impressive one at that – though we could have done without the black filters.
The star of the clip is a tuned, E30 BMW 3-Series coupe from the late 1980s that can be seen drifting around or with several types of vehicles from a classic Ford Gran Torino and a truck to a…tank (though we're not entirely sure if the latter is real or has been digitally added). And then there's that blonde in high heels and not much else…
Watch the first installment of the two-part series in the video after the break.
Thanks go to MichaƂ Dyrda for the video find!


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