Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lamborghini Gallardo Beaten Up - What a waste!

A Chinese owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo had it smashed up because off frustration with the service from his local car dealer. So he employed a group of willing people from China’s eastern Shandong province, handed them sledgehammers and safety helmets and let them unleash their fury on the black Lamborghini.

In the UK, the Gallardo costs a wallet-denting £140,000 but in China it would have cost the owner a cool £465,000 ($750,000)

Video: 3.15 Lamborghini - just die   

Crowds watched in shock as the group tirelessly went to work on the exotic motor which is understood to have suffered a catalogue of problems since it was delivered in October last year. The owner, a Chinese entrepreneur, is understood to have had the Lamborghini taken to the dealer in November to have an engine malfunction fixed. However, the garage failed to fix the fault and somehow managed to damage the bumper and chassis in the process. After arguing with the dealership and various senior Lamborghini representatives, the owner decided the only way to protect his rights was to have the car smashed up – on World Consumer Rights Day. perfect but sad ending to this cool car.

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