Friday, June 22, 2012

Infiniti Offers Select FX European Buyers a Chance to See the Inner Workings of Red Bull F1 Team

The FX “concept” that was unwrapped at the Frankfurt Motor Show was supposed to be a one-off model designed with input from 2010 (and, subsequently, 2011) Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel. However, Infiniti did what everyone expected, and less than a month later confirmed that the tweaked, 420HP luxury crossover would indeed enter production, albeit in limited numbers.
Now, as part of the celebrations for Sebastian Vettel's 2011 championship, Infiniti is offering European buyers of the FX the chance to get a unique insight of the inner workings of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team.
The FX World Champion Experience, as Infiniti calls it, will be offered only to select customers in Europe (there will only be 10 invitations for the UK) who order an FX. This applies not just to the top of the line FX50S Premium, which is also Vettel’s ride, but any model in the crossover range.
These select FX buyers will be invited to Red Bull Racing Milton Keynes headquarters early next year where a member of the team will take them on a behind-the-scenes tour. January is probably the best time to witness first-hand a Formula 1 team, because everyone will be working at full speed in preparation for the 2012 Season.
The F1 factory tour includes the three main areas of the factory: design, production and assembly. The lucky visitors will get a genuine piece from an actual RBR F1 car to take with them, as well as a free Red Bull Racing wrap for their FX. The latter is available to all FX customers, but at an extra cost…

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