Thursday, June 21, 2012

EU Ruling Raises Car Insurance Cost for Young Women but Lowers it for “Boy Racers”

EU Ruling Raises Car Insurance Cost for Young Women but Lowers it for “Boy Racers”Thêm chú thích

For many decades, women have been talking about sex discrimination. We for one, support equality for both genders. And so does the European Court of Justice, which just last March, ruled that it is illegal for insurance companies to set premiums according to gender. The case was brought to court by a Belgian consumer group, which argued that it was illegal under EU law to make risk assessments based on gender.
The judges agreed, citing that the Fundamental Charter of Human Rights included in the EU Lisbon Treaty “aims, in all its activities, to eliminate inequalities and promote equality between men and women”.
Up until now, young women drivers were widely perceived to be a low-risk accident group; therefore, they received lower insurance charges.
In contrast, male drivers under 25 years of age were, according to insurance companies, 10 times more likely to be involved in an accident – and their insurance costs were appropriately higher.
When the new rules come into effect on December 2012, the cost of car insurance for female drivers aged under 25 years old could rise by as much as 24%, while young male drivers will pay up to 9% less.
As expected, the news created quite a fuss. Adrian Webb, spokesperson for Sheila’s Wheels that specializes in female drivers’ insurance, said: “Twenty-five times more young men are convicted for dangerous driving in the UK each year than women of the same age.”
"An unintended consequence will be that boy racers will find themselves able to afford insurance for more powerful cars, which could in turn lead to more accidents at their hands," Webb added.
On the other hand, instantly labeling any young male as a “boy racer” and penalizing him with a much higher insurance than any female of the same age who is automatically considered a “safe driver” is, indeed, an unfair and gender-based conclusion. 
Story References: Daily Mail


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