Monday, June 25, 2012

Ferrari 458 Italia 2010

Ferrari 458 Italia, the Italian luxury sports car maker Ferrari, V8 engine and the superior design features an innovative new model being the most prominent attention.Italia Ferrari 458, and the compact size and streamlined the structure into a form that at first glance, having particular comes to the fore. Per liter V8 engine that delivers 127 HP power production, producing 570 bhp and 540 Nm maximum torque,
0-100 km / h acceleration in 3.4 seconds, complete with F1-type 7-speed automatic transmission and dual-clutch gearbox and 1380 kg empty ağırlığıa Italia with a Ferrari 458, 325 km / h speed access to the last.Fuel consumption is 13.7 liters per 100 km in the car.

The first car to be launched is Ferrari 458 spider which is due in early 2011. It is an 8-cylinder two-seater berlinetta with a mid-rear mounted engine, and represents a genuine break with the past in terms of Maranello’s previous high-performance sports cars. Designed to fulfill the expectations and ambitions of Ferrari’s most passionate clients, the 458 continues the Ferrari tradition of putting the thrill into driving as a result of track-derived technological innovations.

Looking at next three years, Ferrari has planned to introduce six new model to take the company in right direction. These six new models are part of Fiat’s restructuring work which was announced earlier. The new models  includes a 458 Spider, hardcore 458 (Scuderia), repalcement for the 612, 599 and a replacement for the Enzo, a new hypercar.

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