Monday, June 25, 2012

2011 Honda Jazz All New

Often the intention Modified Cars terlampiaskan not, because the cost is not small and the income does not yet exist. Plus if themodifier is not a derivative of the have, which already has its ownbudget to make up his car. However, the modification does not belong to man alone Gedongan. The pockets of car owners'standard' also have a chance.

Only, it takes a few tricks to make our cars into the style and slang,without having to spend a lot of money. There's a good idea beforeyou modify the car to read the tricks below, the cost is borne by a mediocre and a little reckless, the results are hanging out and notembarrassing.

Recaro car seats are often the target of Modified racing car can be replaced with Recarjo car seat, or to book a seat in the regionand Benhil Kebon Sirih, which looks similar to the Recaro.Although many seat-seat play, the most famous and the quality istolerable in the market is Recarjo. Seams are a little rough, but thetype of material used is almost the same, namely carbon or kevlar.

Caring cars are always expensive or inconvenient baseball. Some of the most importantpart is keeping the car body smoothness. how to care for low-cost car? The followingtips.

Do you have wheels or chrome grille, mirror? Do not take for granted, because for onething it should need extra attention, if not treated will easily rust, opaque and flake if nottreated. enough to apply a powder that gets on the chrome rub with a soft cloth and thenin a dry cloth will again cling.

Currently petroleum is very difficult to find but the material in this one is very nice topolish the car, if your car is black spot means it is a splash of asphalt that sticks to yourcar just dab to fine cloth that does not make the car body and rub blisters with theaverage.

White Wood Oil
Maybe these tips are a lot of people know, use eucalyptus oil is not just to warm the body but to take care of the car body can too. if your car a lot in the pasted stickers andwant to clean up enough to use eucalyptus oil. provided it's not in use of plastic materialthat is the car you, this may lead to a soft plastic.

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