Monday, June 25, 2012


mx all new version drag 2 300x225 YAMAHA MX want it FAST?

  • If in order to optimize the performance of the MX (until the default max limit) can be done by upgrading the ignition (CDI, coil, spark plugs), increasing the main jet / pilot jet in the carburetor or brake upgrade / per clutch. MX will be a maximal performance, more efficient and powerful than the factory standard. But it’s still within the limit of the standard machine capability.
    Was to increase the performance, there is no other way, should play in the engine and combustion systems. The lightest possible venturinya replace the carburetor with a larger, upgraded innards engine (piston, gearbox, etc.).
    Up to replace the engine block which were greater cc. MX capabilities must be more increased from the default, provided settingannya pas. BRT CDI hyperband / dualband limiternya until 20ribu RPM. Because it can be calledunlimited because there is rarely able to motor the engine RPM until 20ribu.
    Motors in MotoGP, just average until 17-18 thousand RPM. Just Ducati GP8 (motor Stoner) who can afford up to 19 thousand RPM, it is also his strength was too great that Stoner could not master, then lowered again so 18ribu RPM.
    So CDI BRT Hyperband / dualband’s the same thing, no matter the origin settingannya pas.most just way different pair Dualband BRT CDI installation simpler and stay off the CDI origianal pairs, not complicated like Hyperband. Because there are cables for ON / OFF it.
    Tips for your MX kenceng added:
    CDI: if the wallet again mediocre just use BRT CDI Hyperband / Dualband but if another can use a lot of CDI XP HP 7 Andrion / Cheetah Power / Rextor Monster / pake Ciomas or can also use Vortex. While for the coil: Supra X 125 or Blue Thunder.
    Spark plugs: Denso Iridium or NGK Platinum pilot / main jet: 27/204 but if you want the original carburetor carburetor instead use a larger venturinya not replace the pilot / main jet. Carburetor: no Keihin 26/28 – 26/28 koso no more assured if you want to use TM24/TM28-sudko Mikuni carburetor. Price USD 1.5 million for the TM24 and TM28 USD 1.7 juta.Blok machine / Piston: at lathe kopnya cylinder / piston standard. if you want a more ferocious there Bore Up MX package so 165Cc CDI XP + HP 7 Andrion + koil XP Andrion CMC Series 2 A just USD $ 2,400,000.00. Per valve / valve: a valve and disposable klepnya TK Racing lining / per clutch: charisma / BRT or wear and a clutch brake package TDR but there must be some debris on koplingnya home. To be added steadily Gear sets: replace okay RX King 15-37 U.S. price USD 160,000.00 noken (camshaft): in the lathe or replace disposable HISPEED Price USD 450,000.00 can also pake camshaft Andrion SR-7 Price Ask yourself in the stores, stores sell a lot of variation. Unplug all Decompression. Are not important if the above smua dah dilakuin ampe braking system also do not forget. MODIF pengeriman your system with more grip.

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