Monday, June 25, 2012


For 15 years doctor Hayes owned the mental hospital 901, after his old age father passed away. Soon after doctor Hayes took his father place and ran an excellent mental hospital for teen age students. Macomb County already had mental hospitals for adults and or mixed ages, but n one for just teenage students. Doctor Hayes was a man of excellence he never told himself or a patient they would leave the hospital without being helped in all the right ways. Going on 16 years doctor Hayes passed a terrible death. He was killed by a patient with really bad issues of being paranoid, blanking out, and saying he hears voices of dead family members. The patient that murder him didn’t mean to it was one of his stages of issues, his name was Derrick Thomas. Derrick was sent to jail and later died from being sick with a cold, that later killed him softly, Well that’s what the prisoner guard said.
   3 years after the whole situation, the mental hospital reopened.  They were allowing them to reopen because the daughter of Doctor Hayes wanted to make her father proud and give his mental institute an outstanding name, and look. The old patients came back and they got 5 new. Months into the grand opening they had an introduction greeting for new patients, so that the doctors can register their patients. Jessica, Melanie, Adrianna, Dashawn, and Josh. They were the new kids in the mental hospital when they got round each other all in one room to get talked to by the doctor, I felt as if someone was in danger. And that’s how the hospital started seeming like someone brought evil upon the people.
   One strange rainy night Jessica and Adrianna, was in their room and they heard screams come from the vent. They woke up out they sleep and they worried about what was happening,  they ran out  their room and headed to the basement to see what was going on. They came upon a dead body, but the only thing was that they didn’t know what happened, or who did what to whom to lead to a murder. Jessica was trying to go back but when she tried Adrianna, kept telling her to stop crying a keep it moving throughout the basement. Soon enough Adrianna couldn’t see anybody else so they headed back to their room. Later on that night something was going on with the power the lights were flickering on and off the whole night. While everyone is in their bed sleep, they can’t seem to get their rest because they are distracted by the lights.
   The entire hospital was talking about what Jessica and Adrianna claim they seen from their walk to the basement, after hearing strange screams. Everyone thought immediately they were crazy the simple fact that they were in a mental hospital. So they didn’t really care what the other patients, and doctors thought, they knew what went on and what they saw. The past couple of hours went pass and the patients had free time. It’s when they have time to talk to each other and star friendships. They had this time because they are teenage boys and girls so they still get to have that little time to them. Well it so happen that Jessica went off to the rest room and never came back. No one was really concerned, they just thought she went walking around to clear her head from everything she seen.
Since Adrianna was with her and seen the same thing, Adrianna went to look around but could find not one single one clue. So Adrianna went to ask the new patients that came the same day they did and see if Jessica was in their room hanging out, but nope she was with them either. “man where can she be at this all my fault if I would’ve ignored the storm last night and never woke her up and had her come with me, we never would’ve seen that body and she wouldn’t have had walked off by herself and be missing right now”. “No its not” josh spoke up, “yeah don’t beat yourself up girl she show up” they all said at different times. While Melanie sat back and spoke up and said “have yall notice how it’s funny how it’s just us 3 out of the 5 that came, Dashwan dead n may jess is as well”. As they sat around and thought about what she said they all stared freaking out trying to think where Jessica was at. No one had a clue, BOOM (SCREAMING). . . . . . .
A loud noise came from the boiling room. “Oh no no no I’m not going in there” said Melanie. But they all had to stay together; josh wasn’t getting separated any way. As they all held on tight to one another they walked slowly through the boiler room, they happen to Jessica laying on the ground coughing. Looking like she just came out of being on conscience, josh helped her up and they all shouted out what happened to you? You scared us girl. Jessica couldn’t even begin to explain what she went through for about 3 hours, “it don’t matter at least you still alive”. Adrianna said.
Oh but I am dead BOO, Just kidding you guys. They walked out the boiler room to get back to the closes room, so they could all sleep together and be safe. A total fat wind came out of nowhere and took Jessica with it. As the wind went down the hall it killed her in the air blood shot through the entire hall way. They all screamed and ran, “THAT’S IT IM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU ALL ANYMORE” A STRONG VOICE SCREAMED.
Adrianna was alone and josh n Melanie was with josh. A whole hour passed and no one woke up from the loud screaming and doors closing. The wind kept flying pass Adrianna hiding spot and followed behind josh and Melanie, it took josh and I soon caught up with Melanie me n her went to find a safe hide out for us both to hide. We both talked about what we were going to do to get out of this hell place. Cries came from josh, it was loud to wake the whole hospital up, but again no one did. Suddenly Doctor Bennett came into the hall way wand we rushed him back into his room and spent our night in his room. He talked to us and told us we were going to be in trouble if we were playing a prank on him.
The next morning I woke up to doctor Bennett and Melanie dead. I started screaming everyone rushed to the room and all I heard was screams saying “LOOK! WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?” all I could say was nothing I was placed under a straight jacket and I cried the whole night. One hour passed, two hours, three, and four. Soon enough it was midnight and I died at 3 in the morning. Above my head where I died said Doctor Hayes.

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