Monday, June 25, 2012

Daihatsu Move images and price in fuel efficiency

Daihatsu Move images and price in fuel efficiency
Competition creates fuel efficient cars seem more and more fierce. After the Toyota Yaris, Daihatsu is now his brother who show off by issuing the Move is claimed is the most economical cars in Japan.

Daihatsu Move images and price in fuel efficiency.The car that had just shown Daihatsu claimed fuel efficiency is able to print until 1:27 km per liter. These results are even more efficient than the efficiency of a hybrid car like the Honda Jazz Hybrid is only able to reach 1:25 km per liter.

1:27 actual results is similar to that printed the Toyota Yaris, Daihatsu claims but this tiny car can be more efficient than the Yaris because of her tiny body burden somewhat lighter than the Toyota Yaris.

Thanks to KF-VE 660cc engine that's fuel efficient, Daihatsu Move could reduce the selling price as it gets subsidies from the Japanese government for environment friendly cars and fuel efficient.

For this reason, such as Daihatsu Motor Corp,convinced that this little car can be sold to 12,000 units in Japan alone.

For the sale price, Daihatsu Move fix the price of 1.066 million yen to 1.372 million yen (Rp 114.5 million to to Rp 147.4 million) for the standard types.

As for the type that has been given the accessories, Daihatsu Move Custom release with 1.247 million yen price of up to 1.534 million yen or to Rp 134 million to Rp 164.9 million.

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