Monday, June 25, 2012

2011 Nissan March " New Compact Global Car "

Nissan introduces new compact global car in Geneva. In Europe, this car will replace the Micra, the popular entry-level car that we did not get here. This car is sold as March in Japan. This is the company's first model to be developed on the new V platform. What makes the platform a special V light, which should translate to better performance and fuel economy of the current Micra / March.

One thing about the Japanese public is where the new cars being built. The Micra / March has been built at factories Nissan Japan since its introduction, but this new car will be built in a factory Nissan in Thailand.
"No need to worry about it," said one person in the Nissan. "There are few cars sold here in Japan are made in Thailand, and no problems with them."
The new entry-level Nissan will be powered by a 1.2-liter 95-bhp inline-4 mated with CVT transmission. Because the car is expected to weigh around 2100 pounds, the new Micra / March should be relatively quick. The car will come in the form of 5-door hatchback, the sedan version may arrive later.

Small rounded body design, fuel efficient, and various security features, Nissan March has everything what it needs from a city car. Especially easy to drive on narrow roads and looking for parking plus a smooth and comfortable control.

Models of stylish, easy to get people to see. Unique exterior design with a long wheelbase, the wheels look in every corner of the vehicle. It is also believed to participate to improve maneuverability.

In terms of comfort, given the European version back in March and parking space sensor measurement (PSM) recently with three skill levels (amateur, normal and cunning). A unique feature to overcome when parking in narrow places and it seems this has become a popular innovation in Europe.

variants of Europe will get the derivative of the engine, designated HR12DDR. This is the Miller-cycle direct injection engine with a supercharger that automatically turned off at a lower speed to conserve fuel. Three 1.2-liter cylinder equipped with idling-stop system and is designed to emit ultra-low 95 g / km of CO2, while providing power equivalent to a normal engine aspirated 1.5-liter four-cylinder.

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