Monday, June 25, 2012

2011 Mazda RX-8 The Model Year

According to "well placed sources at Mazda North American Operations: " motor trend RX-8 reported that aging is set to exit stage left in America after model year 2011. Thus, rotary-powered sports car is scheduled to see the guillotine at the same time Europe's inability to meet Euro V emission standards.

There are a number of problems that all manufacturers who have chosen to borrow the design of Felix Wankel rotary engine has to deal with, not a few who have poor fuel efficiency, relatively high emissions and excessive oil consumption. It seems that evil was a long walk together can kill more fun-to-drive rotary-powered models from Mazda.

Mazda does not have much success with the RX-8 in the United States, partly because of problems with early models. nature of their thirst when whipped not endear them to the drivers, especially since most of their power coming in at the top. Harddisk RX-8 hard, and you can expect to see full-size SUVs number of fuel mileage, which is part of the reason that only sell 428 Mazda RX-8 in 2010.

Mazda has not made an official announcement about the RX-8's death or rebirth of the resurrection-7 RX constantly rumored. That said, we will be more than a little surprised if Mazda does not renew its commitment to the engine, high-revving rotary barrel wrapped in a kind of innovative packages.

An all new RX-7 allegedly in the works, rumored for introduction in 2013. This approach may be a pure sports car a better sense for rotary lovers, who see the RX-8 as a compromise in the area too much. Let us hope that the Mazda RX-7 to revive the legendary brand with a worthy successor to the FD series.

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